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About Victor

My name is Victor Powell. Iím an Artist, Illustrator and Creative Thinker based in the United States. This site is a constantly evolving work-in-progress (I maintain it myself) please forgive the pixel dust at times.

Early on, I didn't have the opportunity to get a formal education in art. I have instead used the artistic gifts and talents God has given me and trained myself diligently, tirelessly and enthusiastically to become successful wherever I apply myself. I have enjoyed a challenging and varied art career since 1978 and feel more motivated to learn and improve than ever.

Since devoting myself to painting full time in 2001 my work has been collected in public and private collections all over the world. I welcome commissions of all types, please inquire if you're interested in a special piece of Art.

Thanks for reading!

If you would like to know what makes me tick - please read on
  (since I'm a product of the Artistic choices made and unique experiences I've had - read on to find out some of the ingredients I've added over the years) ...

  I have been creating fine art and illustration for over 35 years. I joined the US Army in 1980 to serve my country as a Defense Acquisition Radar Mechanic & illustrator. It was a grueling time, long hard hours, impossible working conditions and unbelievable standards (& I loved it) - I believe it's just a small part of what made me who I am to this day.

  After serving for four years, I got a job as a technical illustrator at Ft Bliss, TX.   While working there, in the early í80's I started freelancing for advertising agencies, radio stations and book publishers.   During this time I had a comic strip running in a weekly newspaper and did countless portrait commissions for businesses and families.

Drawing the Stinger Weapon - 1985

  Six years of technical illustration had me yearning to do something Organic! What I wanted to do most was be a Medical Illustrator. So, I started doing freelance Medical Illustration jobs (long story short) It was the catalyst that helped me attain my Art Dream of creating Medical Art full-time.

  I could write volumes concerning my duties and responsibilities as the Artist for a major military teaching hospital. Here are a few of the highlites. Sitting in on a court case as the prosecuting attorney (winks at me so no-one sees and) wins a conviction against a scumbag that was taking sexual advantage of young female recruits. ( I illustrated the evidence materials entered into court ) Scrubbing up for a 20 hour surgical procedure to access the bottom lobe of the brain, illustrating the process in one concise painting and having it published worldwide for surgeons to learn the new techniques.

With Autopsy-Man & assistant - 1995

  I had to be prepared for Each project beforehand. ( meaning: research and study, head buried deep in a surgical journal & viewing hundreds of autopsy's ). It was a stressful and wonderous, hectic and amazing experience - I wouldn't change it for the world.

  At the same time I was freelancing for department stores illustrating their new clothing lines for the newspaper.

Medical illustrator by Day/fashion illustrator by Night -->

My_sexy nude model posing 4me - 1991

  The thing about me is I'm never satisfied doing only one thing.   I had this awesome job as the only Medical Illustrator in the city and just had to freelance on the side - and then do my own projects after that. Tomboy (on right) was a personal piece of art that I entered in my first Juried Art contest. (winning 3rd place) Soon afterwards I started speaking to groups and teaching Art Classes at the local College.

  Since 1996, Iíve been working as a freelance illustrator, creating covers for magazines, drawing portraits, designing logos & websites and many more projects too numerous to list here.

  It was the beginning of the internet (as we now know it) and I knew it was gonna be the next big thing, so I learned all I could and started designing, marketing and maintaining hundreds of Web Sites, traveling the country teaching and advising Companies on the World Wide Web - including Search Engine Positioning and marketing strategies.

  Unfortunately the Internet boom all came to an end in March of 2000 - leaving me, yet with another opportunity to reinvent myself.

With_"Tomboy" in my studio - 1995  
  Not that I needed a reason, because the drive to learn new things, new techniques and styles has always been in my DNA. Really, I cannot understand how someone can do the same thing, day in and day out, for years and years, and never move outside their comfort zone to challenge their capabilities and limitations! It's kinda like a never ending Journey that takes you to amazing places (yeah, I'm rambling on - but, you're still reading ;)

  How many artists ever wondered what it might have been like to paint the Sistine Chapel? Many, I'm sure. Before 2001 I had painted on many walls, windows and even floors, but never a ceiling. Obviously I was beside myself when I got the job to paint a dozen Huge Murals - the Centerpiece being on a domed ceiling.

With_Daniel in Lion's Den - 2000    
  I have been commissioned by and worked closely with such a diverse group of professionals, (the list is too large to mention here) to inform, tell a story, sell a product, give an art gift to someone special or just to make their own walls happy.

  I would venture to say, most of these wouldn't have been possible if I specialized in only one area. In a nutshell I like to follow this: Believe in yourself, push your limits and you'll conquer your goals.

With_Muralists Ron and Pietro - 2004

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