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Salad Bar teaser My Life as an Artist - so far
This is a Teaser for my "Salad Bar" Oil Painting. It has a delightful Jazzy background, rhythm and blues ambiance going on behind the scenes, sounds of people having a good time while showing some of the interactions of my characters created especially for this piece of art.

Really the best description for this is: "With Salad Bar, Victor exquisitely unearths a little-known subterranean garden culture. A delightful medley of both characters and colors truly makes this a feast for hungry eyes."
This Video starts with me at age 3, morphing a year every second as the video goes on - all the way to age 46. At age twelve I started seriously drawing comics (superheroes to be specific) and my progression shows as I get older before your eyes. You May have to view this twice, OR keep your left eye focused on the face side and the right on the Art side.

I wanted to make a Video that showed my personal progression as an Artist. This was the first idea that came to mind.

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