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I've included a small sampling from each Art Specialty I have been professionally involved in over the last 35 years.
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"World's of Wonder" - Latest series of Oil Paintings
Muscle 4 Sale Salad Bar Toying Around
Everybodies Beautiful Fifties Future It's a Dog's World

I believe I have a gift of seeing life slightly askew. I always think there are other ways to understand things. In this series my works of art take you beyond what you're normally familiar with. Once you look closer at them you'll realize they're rich with meaning. Things are being discovered. They will in fact begin to communicate with you whether you want them to or not.

My work informs and educates with a collision of ideas all designed to tell a story. When the time is taken (which is different for everyone) you'll start to see the clever use of metaphor - always used with a strong emphasis on fun, whimsy and humor, all-the-while making a point and commenting sometimes with wry wit or biting humor on current social issues and pop culture.

Each subject painted is in the language of personal experience in our real world, but altered. My paintings poke fun at serious everyday issues that have caught the popular cultures attention. And, since we live in the 21st century - adding a modern edge ties it all together. My goal is to invite the viewers into a world they have never seen which is completely my creation, yet they can relate to.

LIMITED EDITION Giclée CANVAS prints available here, & Paper Prints with mats in several sizes.

Murals - On-Site Acrylic & Trompe L’oeil Paintings
Cherubs In Progress Side Street Salad Bar
Garden Statue Topiary Garden Octagan shaped room
Cityscape Finishing Touches Ginormous Outdoor
Completed Cityscape 35 feet to the Top !! Pretty buildings/foliage

I create custom wall murals and canvas paintings for businesses and homes. They are drawn and painted by hand and produced in the best traditions of the old masters. The finest archival materials, high quality canvas, oil and modern archival acrylic media are standard - not extra.

Wall murals are custom painted directly on the wall, or on canvas and shipped to any location. Canvas wall murals may be hung like a tapestry, or installed like wallpaper. They are attached to the wall with a special type of rubber cement that allows the piece to be taken down and reused. Instructions are included with the canvas.

My service is for those wishing for a truly unique artistic experience where they live or work. I can create custom hand painted artwork specifically for you, and never duplicated. You are in complete control of the image, design, colors, size, everything! There are never any bad surprises or hidden costs. The artwork is priced based on the size and level of detail requested.

Receiving your own custom mural is easy, just get some ideas down, or gather photos you like, and inform me with the size you need. I have created custom murals from just an idea or photograph.

Portraits in Colored Pencil
Tomboy Arnold Jack Dr Ron York
Dr York Montage Lawrence Family Carol Mel
Geena Davis Lincoln M L K Col Nadjem
Skiiers Col Maldonado Farrah

As long as I can remember I wanted to be a portrait artist. At the age of 16 I drew my first pencil portrait and was hooked. I started taking on portrait commissions on a weekly basis ( drawing in black & white pencil ) some in pen and ink. Continuing well into my twenties - after completing approximately 700 black and white pencil portraits I felt I had mastered the Medium enough to move on to Color Portraits.

I mostly work from photographs, because the portrait is often used as a gift for unsuspecting loved ones. Sometimes the client will ask if it can be drawn or painted from multiple photographs, in order to capture a particular expression, a favorite outfit and a hairdo from another. Whatever is needed will be incorporated into the completed pencil Portrait. On more than one occasion the client will ask at the last minute to include their pet into the artwork, making it that much more a personal family portrait.

A pencil portrait can capture as much detail and realism as an oil painting portrait. The comments and positive feedback I have received over the years has been overwhelming. Some have even called my pencil portraits "pencil paintings." A Pencil Portrait drawn from your photograph makes a unique personalized Gift for any occasion and all you have to do is provide me with a Photograph. Pencil Portraits drawn from your photos make unique presents sure to become Family Heirlooms that will be treasured and passed on for generations. Immortalize your Loved Ones with hand drawn pencil portraits.

Give an everlasting gift with a pencil portrait drawn from a photo. Portraits drawn from your photographs make perfect personalized presents for any occasion. Think of the Joy your family members will feel when they open a present and see a Portrait of themselves or Loved Ones. Pencil Portraits make a Special Gift for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Graduation, Weddings, Birthdays or just because... A finely drawn pencil portrait makes a perfect gift for all occasions. By working from photos you can keep your gift absolutely secret! If you want to commission a pencil portrait of a loved one (or yourself) you can do so without having to spend hours in a studio. Want a pencil portrait drawn of several people but don't have a Photo of them together? I can combine them from different photographs

Choose the Right Photograph for your pencil portrait. Try and find a large photo for me to work from. I can draw a good pencil portrait from a small photo but the larger the original photo the more detail I can get from it. The key to a great pencil portrait is details and in the shadows, so a photo taken in natural light will get better results than a picture where the subject's face is washed out by flash. Try to find a photo where one side of the face is distinctly darker than the other as this will give the pencil portrait depth and form, but even a photo taken with strong flash can be used to draw a good portrait. Above all choose a good picture where they really look like themselves. (this may sound silly, but it makes all of the difference) Remember what I see on the photograph is what I draw!

Once you've chosen the photograph for your portrait, tell me what you want me to draw from it. Do you want one person or several? Do you want just their face, or would you like their shoulders as well? Without this information I cannot guarantee I will draw exactly what you want. All photographs will be returned to you along with your completed portraits. All pencil portraits are completed within 10 days of commission, unless you need it sooner.

Pet Portraits
Maltese Yorkie Jack Russell Beagle
Sharpei Bulldog Mini Schnauzer Dachshund

I paint all animals including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, along with people and their pets, full time for clients worldwide.

My pet portraits are painted and drawn from a photo. Therefore, in order to make your pet portrait look exactly like your pet, I can only paint your pet as I see it in the photo. Backgrounds can be changed but the subject cannot. For instance, I cannot paint the pet at eye level if the photo is looking down at the animal.


1. A good, clear photo is important. Digital photos are usually the best since they can be enlarged without too much distortion and will provide me with a great place to begin your pet painting.

2. If your animal refuses to sit still and pose, do not hestiate to use a leash or hold it because I can always remove it in the painting.

3. Try to be at the pet's eye level for closeups of head or face portraits with clear eyes and expressions that show the personality and individuality of your pet, since you will want it to look like your pet, not just any animal.

4. Natural light produces the best photo. Direct sunlight can wash out colors. But if all you have is an indoor picture of a deceased animal, for instance, don't worry about it. I can correct coloring or lighting or create a totally different background.

5. I can combine several photos to make one portrait if they are all at the same perspective or eye-level.

6. Let me know which photograph best captures the personality of your pet or I will let you know my opinion as to how it should be presented.

7. Photographs can be e-mailed, scanned or mailed to me and will be returned with your finished dog painting, cat painting or animal painting. Please contact me if you need my mailing address.

8. Send as many pictures as you can so we can choose the one that will give you the best results, and I will do the rest to make it beautiful for you.

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