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details of: It's a Dog's World - Oil Painting
Table for Two
"Table for Two" - The Golden Retriever/Waiter only serves the best in ring-necked pheasant.
The Harlequin Great Dane drools over his date's mesmerising eyes & a half-asleep bull dog & chihuahua complete the scene.

under the Table
The Chinese Shar Pei would rather ignore the common dog chow and gobble up his Chinese Noodles take-out.
A Dachshund mother tries to make heads or tails of the "doggy-bag" purse - a Bassett Hound sporting a cast takes it all in.

Junk food waiter
One person's trash is another ones treasure (or, in this case - their gourmet dinner).
A feisty Jack Russell Terrier has his eye on select treats falling of the platter as he leaps up - the Boxer is content with his soggy ball.

Junk Yard Dog - Beware of Me
Not yet healed from his last encounter this junk-yard-dog still has fight left in him, as an unnoticed timid robo-mutt relieves itself below.
Below the hydrant is a Yorkshire Terrier lusting after a larger ball - an Italian Terrier holds his crotch tightly, awaiting his turn to pee...

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